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How am I doing with this cocky little bastard? Anon is enabled and concrit is welcomed.
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Brief Personality:
Isamu in a nutshell? Paradoxical jerk with a heart of awkward in a hat.

He's vain, cocky, and selfish, and overall isn't that great of a person. But he's not bad either, and is actually just fairly neutral. He's also pretty insecure despite his cockiness, and it's not uncommon for him to say one thing and then turn around and do the exact opposite. As a common example, he'll often say he hates people and just wants to be left alone but actually would rather have some company. This conflicting attitude and his bad insecurities tend to make him a bit awkward socially, something the partially-feigned cockiness is intended to cover up.

History and Headcanon:
Very little is known about Isamu's history before the beginning of the game. My headcanon is that he comes from a fairly normal middle class family, with one older brother. However he isn't comfortable around them, as they do not approve of his laid-back attitude and vanity. They constantly push him to be the "proper son" they want him to be, instead of being true to himself. This explains his deep-rooted insecurity issues and his lack of concern about his family after the Conception.

For his canon history in the game, see his wiki entry. I'm playing him from after the Neutral/Human/Freedom ending, keeping all of his memories.

Also, there is a deleted seen from the game where Yuko sends an S.O.S. message to Naoki. (It can be seen in the trivia section of Yuko's wiki entry here.) I'm going with the idea that she did send that message but Naoki never saw it. But Isamu did while he was imprisoned in Kabukicho, which explains his sudden shift in attitude from Kabukicho onward.


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